Seeking CruelDama

Many of you ask me if I have account or profile on a particular site. My answers are usually yes because although I do not go every day everywhere we eventually linking site to site looking for like-minded people.

And, as I see you seek me, I leave some of my social networking profiles: Twitter , Facebook, CruelDama Official Page on Facebook, Fetlife, Tumblr, FemDommeSociety, Findoms, EliteFinancialDomination, El palacio del BDSM, SpainBDSM , BDSM Face, Google+

I’m also on MySpace, XtremePartner, ClubFetichista, BDSMfriendBOOK, PlayKink, Collarme And some are missing, but I think with these is enough 馃槈

Those who want something more look for in my email,, although I have contact with many people through social networks, so there are my profiles.

Do not say that CruelDama is hidden, because I’m visible almost everywhere.

And, by the way, I recommend a great page that, besides being a virtual magazine, collects all FemDom and BDSM events throughout Spain with links to each event on the calendar: FlechazosBDSM

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