Hoaxes and rumors

Same as submissives speak of us, also Dommes we talk about our things. Yes, yes, do not believe the myth of we are wrong between us, because it is completely false.

Obviously, we have more affinity with some than with others, but I assure you that the general trend is of good vibes and although there are some exceptions, there are many with whom I have a great friendship.

In our confidences we discover many things and have great times when we meet or talk on the phone. You know, when women get together, fly heads (and when these women are Femdom) :D

It is true that we all have our character and, when there are discrepancies, it may cause a spark but, as they say, knowing how to respect the blood does not reach to the river.

They also said that we envy each other and I don’t understand, because each one is as she is and do not need to compete, being ourselves is enough. I truly believe that envy is a complete and absurd waste of time (time that can be used in things more fun, productive and rewarding).

Do not come to me with nonsense or try to claim my good side talking badly about others (tactic that has tried more than one). In addition, there are legends about us, but also there are about you 馃槈

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