Pleasure for Pain

Pain because that is what is expected of you or pain to enjoy it?

I’ve known people that meets both options in question: people that provides it because that is what is expected of them (not enjoy it) and people who enjoy giving pain.

My sadism (emotional and physical) is nothing new, I always comment it, I enjoy feeling the pain I cause, dosing it, increasing it, creating a multicolor symphony at my will, alternating piano with in crescendo, omitting, maintaining, modifying, playing with the power of pleasure that others give me.

The difference between my sadism and a serial murderer is not only common sense to know how far I can take others without causing irreversible damage, but the fact of enjoying that manipulation, the indescribable stimulation to get results.

But I’m also Dominant, ie not only enjoy the pain, but control, power over others (exercise it or not), to subdue to my will.

I’m not sadistic with everyone nor everyone awake my sadism. To me it is not a matter of show how sadistic I am, it is to enjoy with the frequency and intensity of pain that others surrender to me.

It is not as simple as arriving and destroy, but to delight in what is being done enjoying every step.

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