Typical submissive introduction: Madam, I took X time searching Mistress and I have very bad luck. My boundaries are

You don’t realize how boring it is to us, we read exactly the same about thirty times a day. Use your imagination!

I don’t care that you are shy or sassy, that you have experience or not, that your personal life is in this or that way. Be original!

Do you think that one Domme, tired of reading always the same, will take you? Do you think any bother in feel shame because you come whining and whimpering of your bad luck? I do not think any want to start a relationship based on compassion.

This is not the way. Not if your dream is to capture the attention of the Woman with whom you could share your fantasies, your desires and your life.

When someone interests me, my approach is not based on pity or tell him my miseries, but seduce him. I’ll show what is the site I want him to occupy, but first I unfold my weapons to get his attention.

You focus on what you desire, in what urges you, regardless of what she wants. I’ll say it again: bother to get to know that woman that attracts you (and omit those endless messages copy / paste you send us all). If she is what you really want, if that specifically Domme makes others remain in the background, your greatest pleasure will be to serve and please her.

And if what you seek is a passing thing, be sincere and omit all these references to 24/7, to slavery and all those things you think that is what the Mistress wants to hear, because it could just be that that’s not what she wants, but rather there’s nothing more cool down the things that lies.

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