Morbidity and desire

Desire makes us vibrate, makes everything acquires a special color.

Everything is different when that tingling is installed in our entrails and feed the morbid anticipating things to come.

That wicked smile that makes my dark side glimpse, that makes my imagination fly towards what I want and how I want it.

Sometimes there is not a trigger defined or too specific. A look, a word, a smell, a memory, a call and morbidity appears moving on from the abstract state to become a compelling physical sensation.

That mental game to subdue a slave boosting his maddening desire, wonderful tease and denial, sensuality, sexuality, voracity.

But what can I tell you about desire, little morbid? Are you able to have read these few sentences carefully without remembering hot moments, undeterred? 馃槈

The eroticism of a gesture, the texture of the skin, the sound of a whip, an exciting message you do not expect

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