There are situations and reactions that, although I do not let see, I find very funny.

When I go to the beautician and, while doing my manicure, she shyly tells me how good is my husband waiting in a corner. I smile and say he is not my husband. And I leave it there, because if I specify he is my slave, the poor girl would not know where to go. But she notes that I look at him, raise an eyebrow and he comes immediately to my side in case I need something.

When I go to the bank or phone shop and need to repeat them two or three times my email.

When I leave a fitting room, I note that there is no one around and say “find me this skirt one size smaller, slut to discover the Clerk completely flushed behind the hangers.

When in a ropes shop choose the thickness and type of rope and the one is showing me asks why I want it and I turn commenting is to tie him” pointing to my companion, with the consequent seller incredulous hilarity.

When another little dog massage my feet and the waiter comes over with the drinks, says that’s nice, you are like a queen and I answer “that’s what I am”.

When you tell the truth with a mischievous smile, morbid and funny situations are created, and both you and those who know it’s true can enjoy with complicity without ever offend anyone. The others are taken more direct truths as jokes if you tell them with a big smile 馃檪

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