You comment me amazed that I am in this or that social network or page of Financial Domination. Do ye not yet aware of my fetishes and my activity? You are awful, lol.

I have a blog where I talk a little of everything, telling you my personal experience and I like/enjoy/live real Domination, but that does not mean my activities are limited to entertain you with photos and posts which, incidentally, I do so for free in this space, my blog.

But yes, it is completely true that I am a Financial Mistress and as such, I admit moneyslaves to my service. I have slaves of different types: real, remote and even one I ignore for being my puppet and because we both enjoy the treatment I give him.

I know that in certain sectors is frowned upon what I do, and in Spain is a terrible taboo. But I’ve never hidden because I‘m not ashamed of anything, on the contrary, I am proud to be who I am.

And, by the way, I inform you that probably soon you’ll can talk to me by phone, as you are many who desire a relaxed conversation, a query or simply the morbid of talking to CruelDama. It is an option I am considering 馃槈

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