Draft of a new page

I want to update my website, but I have always so much to do, that I go deferring.

I personally like dealing with both the design and the contents of my pages, however I admit suggestions and even I would be willing to supervise sketches if someone wants to collaborate with me, because I know that some of you are true artists in the field.

Whenever I remodeled my website, I feel sorry for deleting text and images that have been my companions in the stages that were there, memories of many things lived and a few anecdotes I will not forget. The current has been in place for over a year and although I want to change some things and include other, I think I’ll leave it as is and do a new one.

Call me sentimental, but for me is like those old photos that make us smile when we see them.

Since I designed the current lot has happened and it’s not I no longer like it, but now I want to change the format and add content.

I’ll be working on it at times. The trouble with being a perfectionist is that I like things impeccable and have little time to spend with these things, but I’m also stubborn and just getting what I want :D

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