I have very clear what I want from each slave and what kind of relationship I have (or will have) with each one.

When I decide to test a possible new member of my stable, I set a lot of dialogue, I explore his mind, ask many questions, I answer honestly and clarify the doubts he may have.

During the adaptation period I am a little more flexible and I have a lot of patience, I think we both have to do our part to make things work, I have no hurry to submit anyone because I do not believe in enslave by force but to accept or reject a surrender that gives me.

But when I see that time passes and things do not move, if his doubts persist even knowing me and knowing what to expect from him, if I can not see a clear desire to belong or perceive traces of deceit and lies, then it’s time to end to something that will never work.

I can analyze the situation objectively, allowing time to meditate, to be permissive at first with failure if not intentional, hear what he has to say and understand those initial fears to give up control. But at some point my patience is running out and I’m bored of talking about the same thing over and over again day after day, so the best thing is to be consistent with myself and terminate what I dislike.

I do not ask anyone to surrender to me blindly, but I’m not going to grant exclusivity and my time to be wasted. If you do not know what you want, stay out, meditate, observe and, when you’re clear about what you want, look for what satisfies you 馃槈

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