When we‘re passionate about something, we investigate, we explore, we learn about all aspects of the subject may have. Gradually we will increasing place in our lives and if it’s something that fills us, we engage actively.

And when that “something” is FemDom and BDSM, possibilities are endless.

We chose practices we like and if we discover that we have it inside, installed it in our lives. We can move away temporarily by personal, but always come back to that “something” that, once tasted, never forget.

Everyone chooses where to get or where you want to be led. Some enjoy it occasionally, others live full time, but precisely that’s the matter, to enjoy and savor the way we choose.

My choice is obvious. Since I wake up my activities are related in one way or another with FemDom. But that does not mean I’m better than those who live it when they can.

We criticize those who are not like us or do things differently and we forget very quickly that nobody is forced to anything.

No matter if your fetish is blood, high heels or financial slavery, that a spanking session drives you crazy or do not enjoy pain at all and you do it only to please your Mistress, that you do not want to live outside of this lifestyle or you lean out occasionally.

We’re all in the same big family 馃槈


    • I appreciate the detail, but I’ve been looking at your blog and I see that the issue is not the same as mine. Your blog is fine, but only about sex and not FemDom and BDSM.

      Anyway here is a link posted for those who wish to visit.



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