These past days I have mentioned something about I’m designing my new website and I will put a phone line.

The page is running slow because‘m doing at times and although I use a template system (don’t believe that I am a great programmer, at least no computing, lol), sometimes I do not like the result of a section and clear all to start again, so I take it easy.

The phone of which I speak is a sort of test. Many of you send me emails asking me questions, asking for my opinion on something, offering your services, telling some anecdote or just you would like to talk to me in real time.

I will not give my personal phone, logically, that is reserved for a few, so I‘ll probably end up installing a premium rate line (803 in Spain) these days. My time is valuable and, in addition to a line of this type does not ruin anyone, in this way we will respect all.

To be clear: I do not offer services of conventional sex and if anyone is brave enough to call me with insults or nonsense of that kind, for me there is no problem, I’ll leave the phone on the table, smoke a cigarette with a smile as do other things and let the illuminated pay for his stupidity on his phone bill. So we all have fun.

I will not be available always, of course, but I’ll try to find a solution and put somewhere visible in the blog some kind of warning that let you know when you can call, when I am busy and when I’m not.

All this are trials, renewing to suit the times and who knows? perhaps finally the slave of my dreams appears on the other side of phone 馃槈

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