Jordi Tañà and sado

I confess that until Saturday, Jordi Tañà’s book was parked on my nightstand waiting for the right time to pay attention. The gas mask on the cover staring at me from it’s empty? eye sockets day after day and, as I promised to read it and give my opinion (besides having had the honor of receiving my copy signed and dedicated by the author), here I express my vision. (In addition to this I will use it ruthlessly as next entry in my blog so that the public understand the naturalness of live sadomasochism, Domination/submission, BDSM, FemDom or whatever we choose without that obscurantism many pretend hang us yet).

And with the above I think I leaved reflected what I think: it’s a fun book with a really nice aesthetic, pictures and images full of meaning for us and a fun narrative describing the impressions of someone who discovers that not only we are not rare or unbalanced bugs, but there are endearing and admirable people.

I have liked. Not the typical cliche or vanillic vision of someone outside the theme (note that I not to disparage the vanilla, but there are many books that do not capture our reality and get lost in what they imagine it is confusing things).

Recommend it without reservation: nice, easy to read and sincere.

That is my critique, Jordi Tañà, my congratulations to you for Excuse me, Madam, do you have something phallic?And by the way, I think so, I have something phallic 😉

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