Exert power

I’m not powerful because I have years subjecting slaves, I am because my slaves grant me the power. And, let me tell you, it’s the best in the world :D

Nothing compares to the feeling of knowing that my desire will be fulfilled, a command will be executed, a whim will be covered.

I love to be pampered and having the freedom to behave selfishly with my pets (and that they love me to be so).

But it is not as simple as accepting a surrender and massacre the slave (or yes, it depends on what we both wish) 馃檪

Common sense is essential in interactions with mine, despite having occasional excesses. An accepted surrender takes on a great responsibility and that’s what needs to be handled.

A relationship of two is built by those two, not one. I don’t believe in totally passive submissives just waiting to make them, what a bore!, nor I think I could limit myself to take what I want without leaving my mark (that everyone here understand what you prefer).

You can humiliate a slave, you can ignore, punish, torture, abuse him but as long as both parties enjoy it.I enjoy manipulating, exerting power and control, appropriating these wills that nourish me and giving away bits of my cruelty. What do you enjoy?

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