Mental straws

Eternal surrender. Sounds good, right?

Well, it’s one of those completely utopian mysticism that hormones of some make them believe certain.

For humans, the concept of eternity is too big.

Some pronounce these words (and many similar) believing that it is what We want to hear. And others delude themselves defending the concept. But then, why not wear a necklace attesting such defense? Why their D/s relationships are ephemeral? Why most of these standard-bearer have never had Owner?

I see uninitiated lost in endless debates about how things have to be, making such strong statements that suggest strong convictions. Until they are asked to whom they belong. That hesitation begin: no … the thing is … I am not owned … but when I be

The desire to belong can be intense, that I know, but I wonder why they remain debating and not really living. Usual reply: “It’s that there are few Dommes.” Ha!

Move your ass to one of the great Dominants there are (we are many) countenance upon you. Stop shield yourself with excuses or waitting them chase you, because otherwise you’ll have eternity, but not about surrender, but the absence of all that so ardently you defend and not have.

Live! You’ll have time to think about eternity or to park mysticism “to be” 馃檪

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