Website and party

Well that’s it, I’ve already posted my new website, in fact I’ve already upload by the networks these days, although I’m sure I’ll keep making adjustments.

Shock a little bit, good shall come unto: 馃檪

But I’ll be quite off this weekend, accompanied by good friends, those with whom long conversations are kept even if daily contact online, with whom you can play what we feel like, laugh a lot or just be, without more, because even in silence confort is palpable.

Also, we’ll witness the party organized by Ama Sejmet on Saturday night. Cheer up to go if you are in Madrid, it will be fun to meet, know and also play a little, because there will be time for everything. Look at the event in her blog: Los s贸tanos de N么tre Dame

In the Links section of my page I have uploaded banners friend, directories and social networks. If anyone wants a banner exchange, let me know in my email:

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