Lost in good company

What can I tell you about this wonderful weekend? It was very special in many ways and there was a bit of everything.

When I went to meet my friends, there was a submissive Well, here is a lot of history behind.

This submissive knew me with another nickname, he didn’t know anything about CruelDama, but had a couple of years trying to meet one of the moderators of certain BDSM chat (ie, me). Among my friends and I hatched a plan to surprise him. So I showed up by surprise and you can imagine his face and the bundle of nerves he became when he found we three.

There are many things I will not tell, of course, but imagine three good friends, a Master, his slave (she is a switch and is exploring Domination by the hand of her Owner) and I (who also collaborate in her evolution while I have very good times as a friend of both). And, of course, a fourth, a submissive who had come on Friday for a coffee and departed not from our side until Sunday.

And I leave it there, practice your imagination, because there were sublime moments in D/s and constant laughter the rest of time.

The BDSM Saturday dinner was fun, familiar faces and new ones to me, a very relaxed atmosphere and great members of the BDSM community of Madrid, although it was noted the lack of the organizer, who could not attend for personal reasons.

I will miss my friends because, although we see every day online, I look forward to return for further strengthening ties with two wonderful people and somehow move forward together in our evolution.

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