Taking up the routine

My blessed routines. I love breaking them occasionally, but it is very nice to come back home, where my faithful bitch waits, always happy to see me, the comfort of my home, the remaining tasks, thousand messages in the mail, on the phone and in social networks that I have neglected in my absence.

I was not out of Madrid and lasted only two days, but it seems I’m back from a three-week cruise (you’re very spoiled, aren’t you?) 馃榾

But I’m here and I’ve already begun to put order and give a scare (and punishment) where necessary.

And Christmas is approaching, so I have to go expanding my wish-list of amazon ’cause are many who grant me my whims and others send me gift cards (some do it anonymously, then I don’t know who gifted what), so I let you know here how much I am pleased with your pampering and how happy I get when an unexpected package arrives.

What can we do? I’m like a girl full of dreams and expectations 馃檪

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