Roses have thorns

In life there are bitter moments, not all is joy, wine and roses. We all have potholes and who denies, is lying.

I saw Dommes sunk by the abandonment of a slave and slaves broken because have returned to freedom. And what about the economic problems? Since the saying goes: when the money does not come through the door, the submission goes out the window (was not this way?) 馃檪

The death of someone special always moves us and leaves us a little blocked. And if that someone is one of our close friends or relatives is difficult to fit that we will not hear his/her laughter any more.

Problems appear at any time even without seeking them, but life goes on and we must know to continue weathering the storm the best way posible.

Just as I am not given to flattery and great affection shows, either get used to externalize my emotions exaggeratedly (I hate self-pity). I prefer to take my mind and move forward after a brief period of reflection to assimilate new situations than anchor me in frustration that will only bring negativity and apathy.

I see I’m writting a pretty depressing post, lol. Fear not, I don’t lose my smile 馃檪

I will follow taking what I want from all that life offers me, be careful not to be included in lot :D

Have you seen what a wonderful day is today? This morning sun rises morality to anyone!

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