Phone numbers

These days I have registered in a couple of pages of telephone services which ensure total privacy for myself and for those who call me.

For now I do tests and I am availableat times. On my website I have set two buttons so that you know when you can call me and when I’m not. Seek them in the tab Serve Me, but also I will put here some.

For those who want to know the sites you can find me in and

Note that I DON’T offer escort services, so if that is what you are interested in, there are many other numbers of great and beautiful women who will be happy to assist you.

Mine are phone numbers where you can ask me questions, tell me about your fantasies, concerns, fetishes, doubts, you can nominate yourselves as candidates to serve me or just have a chat with me in real time.

And nobody is going to ruin, because I have marked a quite affordable price per minute to start and today $3.90 are €2.85.

So now you know, talk to me and is now available to everyone, simply dial my extension when you see the green button 😉

WARNING: English is not my native language and I have some difficulty understanding if you do not have good pronunciation or speak with contractions.

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