Behaviour modification, pet training, chastity and keyholding, humiliation, psychological sadism, cock and ball torture, spanking, tease and denial, trampling, worship, control, micromanagement, feminization, consensual blackmail with contract, interrogation, abduction, enslavement, tears, discipline, hoods, remote control devices, Financial Domination, manipulation, mind fucking, ignore you, Teamviewer, corner time, cum taxes, ruined orgasms, punishment, collar…

I could go on, but I have a question: are these the activities of a prostitute? Because if so, considering that I reject anyone who does not interest me, then yes, I’m a prostitute 馃檪

It’s the old story, there are who is poisoned to see that some of us have the privilege to do what we like and we really enjoy it.

Why so much averse? Moreover, if I really were a prostitute happy to prostitute myself, where’s the problem? A whore is not a serial killer. Wallowing in such rage can not be good.

You know what? I don’t mind this, honestly, I‘ve only used all those short of mind to write my post today, lol.


  1. Not at all, but many of us gladly and willingly prostitute ourselves to Femdomination oxox

    • lol lovely devina XX a good little slut

  2. A true Domme (not the escort with a whip types) is not, and should never be considered a prostitute. Those who would offer that are shallow minded and ignorant in their labeling.

    A real Domme is a beacon, a light illuminating the way to a better path, and an artist, who takes lumps of clay in many abstract shapes and moulds them into something far better than what they started as.

    It is us gurls, , sissies,or subs, slaves, kinksters, etc who are the whores, sluts, and tramps. We sell ourselves to unfulfilled lives, and some of us by divine Femdom grace find shelter to grow and connect with our inner spirit. A Domme like any skilled artist merely decides what instruments to play in order to make that happen.


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