At last I can say I’ve had a calm weekend. How nice to relax at home! A good book, any movie, a walk at sunset and back to warm home.

I’ve had time to do almost all the things that I postponed for lack of time. But not all, there are still a few pending. As certain book that is halfway and took months telling myself I have to oversee some things in it.

Anyway, I‘m human 馃檪

But I have also had pleasant surprises and have kept in touch with mine. The control never goes away completely but sometimes relax because, if it really disappears, it is because something is wrong. If that something (or someone) has failed repeatedly and consciousness of failure, the process is as follows: disappointed me, I’m bored, I decide I do not want to battle against windmills and my interest is focused on other matters that do deserve my attention.

This week will be bustling, so it was good to recharge batteries and savor the calm before the storm? 馃檪

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