Cruel and direct

I don’t characterize myself by just beating around the bush, so today I am going to scold you a little bit.

It seems that the Spaniards are afraid to talk to me on the phone, because I do not receive a large volume of calls from here. If your fear is that I see your number, I guarantee you both MyPhoneSite and VerifiedCall provide absolute discretion, neither I’ll see your number, nor you mine.

Sure, it’s cheaper to collapse my private and my email with your queries, deals, doubts and fantasies. And that is fine, I have no problem in talking with you about anything, but do not you realize that I don’t answer those messages and I put those phones for more than just to decorate my blog and my website?

It’s great you have much free time and try to distract you chatting with a Domme or another, but it is wonderful when someone assimilates and understand that my time is valuable and shows respect calling me to one of those two phone numbers or making an income in my PayPal account (or a gift card to my Amazon) to chat with me a good while on Skype or Yahoo privately.

I know many of you feel attracted to me in some way and you try to get my attention in one place or another. Well, now you have several ways to do it and talk to me in real time.

Yeah, I know, unemployment, the crisis, the situation it is a shame that CruelDama is a capricious and not devote all her time to entertain you in a completely philanthropic. This defect of mine to have strange fetishes is fatal, but human Goddesses are so Cruel 馃檪

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  1. Times are hard for everyone, including Dommes as well as slaves. Just because a slave is unemployed does not mean that a Domme should take pity on him and sacrifice her own income. If he cannot afford to pay then he must find another way to contribute positively to his Mistress’ lifestyle and well-being and never harass or badger her for his own benefit. The slave exists for the benefit of his Mistress and not the other way around.


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