I’ve decided to have my phone connected whenever I can, for I have found it very funny take a call even with other people present.

If I’m in a store and the call is from an English speaking submissive, I can speak more freely though the store is crowded, but if the caller speaks Spanish, is highly entertaining hides some other phrase, have to do some pause or search discrete words for these listening ears.

At home there is no problem, of course, my bitch 鈥嬧媔s not afraid of anything, but I am discovering very morbid details of these new phone lines 馃榾

Let me tell you a little anecdote of yesterday. A submissive telling me about a practice that want to make with his wife and I was on a bustling cafe. I noticed that in the next table was a guy removing his coffee, watching and listening me. I am very playful and I have fun observing the reactions of others, so with all my effrontery, went up the tone of my talk while I stared at my table neighbor, that was visibly nervous as I advanced in my explanations to the phone.

The truth is that I loved to see how he blushed and did not know where to look.

Overall, I think the one who made 鈥嬧媡he call got the information he wanted about genital torture and sure the guy at the coffee shop will not easily forget me, lol.

There are times when I have so much fun with little details. I love to make good use of it. And this afternoon expecting a call from someone who wants to continue our conversation about forced bisexuality and consensual rape. Where will I be when he calls? 馃槈

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  1. How delightfully entertaining – i would have enjoyed seeing the guy’s expressions also!


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