What one nickname gives of self

Supposed we choose our nick for what it represents and because we identify with it.

With a basic knowledge of D/s codes, we all know that the initial capital letter is indicative of a Dominant nick, although being Dominant is not determined by a simple nick for more capital letters it has.

My nick is composed of Cruel and Lady (Dama means Lady) and does not mean I go through life giving cruelty to everybody I find, but those who inspire me and appreciate it (and suffer it).

As Lady, I’m proud to be an educated woman and I know how to behave in any context, but at certain times (controlled times) my vocabulary can be equated to the most ordinary being you could imagine, lol. But that is also reserved for a few.

I’ve been accused of abusive, psycho and I do not know how many more niceties. In fact there is still a group in a social network with them and my nick included in the title since months ago. And no, I have not reported it or will, it would be given the importance they have not, I mention it as a demonstration of what I say.

There are people who do not know me and avoid me, but I respect their position and choice, albeit influenced at the mention of “Financial Domme” that there already preconceived ideas take shape and all reasoning is asphyxiated by prejudice. And it is their right, I also don’t like everybody.

Curiously, when they stop to read me or chat with me for a while, they say amazed how charming I am (although a harpy when appropriate and pointed out :D)

Anyway, I am many things and I will not stop being myself even though everyone speak and whisper, because I live my life as I like and still contribute to a topic of conversation for some.

CruelDama is much more than a nick that some fear and others admire but certainly, if you were hoping I was going to criticize someone for wearing this or that nick is that you still don’t know me 馃檪

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