Snatches of me

I like to keep my blog updated and tidy even though there are things I want to change and never have time to do everything. However I believe that discipline begins in oneself, and although there are days when I can hardly write a new post, somehow I impose myself sharing another piece of me.

And I’m not going to be hypocritical by saying that I do it for you because it is not true. First of all I do it for me. I started writing maybe a little to let you know me and a little to check the acceptance that something like this could have.

And I don’t do it to convince anyone of anything, we are all older to know what we want and what not.

I did not think, even remotely, to write every day. My idea was upload weekly and put (as you can see in the first posts) precious photos found on the net. But one thing led to another and I finally considered more honest to illustrate with my own images, though maybe not so showy and studied. Nor abundant, I always say I have to make new photos and then, once in the field, the last thing I remember is the camera.

And of course, then I see that many of you like to read me and you say me so pretty things out there that my ego soars 馃榾 Just kidding, I can say that no praise or criticism will get me to not be aware of both my limitations and my worth.

A couple of weeks ago I took two days off of blog and as sometime I said, probably will be others. But whenever I have time I will continue acting up and sharing those little things that make my world 馃槈

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