Another absurdity

I’m breaking because I just read an email from another ‘enlightened’. This one reproaches me to speak about myself. Let’s see, little one, what do you expect to read in a blog with such title?

If you don’t like it, for whatever reason, I invite you to click the X you have above, on the right. A simple click and go. Come on, you can, demonstrates yourself you’re not as dumb as you seem to 馃檪

Okay, seriously, I was still laughing a little. Today I could tell you about let’s see… about CruelDama? hahaha. I break out laughing.

I am getting a rather peculiar post, but that email is to frame. And I receive some surrealistic, but I found this one funny. A small simple:

You just talk about your stuff and there are many things that interest me and you don’t say and I want you to talk about sex and what you do to your slaves.

Rascal! You want CruelDama to put you hard. And we can omit the part of Financial Domme, of course!

The guy tried, in fact tried more things, blessed innocence:

If you want we write by wasap mine is

And how I will not laugh? LMAO! Anyway, paragon of intelligence, I don’t grant you explicit sex, but someday I will talk about a technique that is done with two stones. It is very interesting 馃槈

All Dominas receive such brilliant suggestions and messages, that is nothing new, but it makes you want to tell them don’t cross the road with the red traffic light. They are like children: D

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