Good luck and something else

Last night I went out to dinner with someone I appreciate. That person told me that I’m an envied woman because I am very much luck. I think so, I’m lucky, I do what I want, I‘m surrounded by people who care about my well being and I really have fun every day.

But I don’t think everything is attributable to luck. It is important to have the courage to fight for what we want and go for it.

Not always win, obviously, I have also lost a few times. But if you don’t buy the lottery ticket, never get the prize. However much you want something, if you don’t put your effort to get it, you’ll be looking at how everything vanishes and will stay on that, desires and fantasies.

Sometimes we stop to keep a name, some fame, a status, an image to the public With time we learn that if we allow the conventionalisms paralyze us, we end up doing only what others approve or what is expected of us.

And don’t misunderstand me, I respect free will and how everyone decides to live the life. What does not seem logical to me is the attitude of those who are watching from the sidelines and rant against the bullfighter (or the bull) and inwardly die of rage because what they really would like is to take that place.

I’m not fan of bullfighting, but I will continue enjoying my horned pets and my luck (and that “something else”). And if someone wants to take the alternative (I think they call it that) :D

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