So easy and so hard

My friends know I’m competitive and, when something catches my attention, I do not stop until I get it. But it has to be something that really interests me, I’m not talking about shoes or a new dog. Although, come to think calmly, that too 馃榾

I love the subtlety and to weave my net around my objective so that the goal is not yet clear while still being honest at all times. You know, sometimes the greatest truths are taken as a joke if you say blatantly and a great smile.

If I whisper someone telling him I want to enslave his mind until he suffers terribly (and also enjoy) at times I will deliberately ignore him or that he will end up not able to maintain an erection without my permission because that amuse me, he would probably laugh to start. And I will laugh with him. Laughter is very healthy 馃檪

Obviously, to get there you have to work hard and create a beautiful and durable spiderweb. But do not rush, the fly will eventually launch into my spiderweb of their own accord, which is the way I really like it, being aware of the leap that will, looking forward to it and trust that provide knowing that my ropes so hold preventing him from falling into the void (or just the opposite, with the fear that some rope give in and need to do balance to hold onto my networks).

I could decorate this with the style I see others out there, adding something like “My arms will hold you preventing you from falling.” But it’s not my style. I really like the jets of adrenaline, to enjoy those fears and to torture psychologically. The wankers looking for an easy orgasm bore me. Come on, you can criticize me at ease 馃檪

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  1. i love the way you spin your web and make it so subtly inviting that we flies are so naturally drawn into it t become willing victims but in the end, not for our own pleasure or orgasm but for the pleasure and satisfaction we would derive from serving and pleasing you. A true submissive or slave knows he does not exist for his own ends but for those of his Mistress.


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