Femininity and elegance

The pretty slave of a friend has made me a suggestion on a topic that could be discussed here. I think it’s a good contribution:

It would be interesting you talk about elegance in your blog in the broadest possible sense, ie, not only in terms of clothing. I comment it because, as you clearly show you have, and especially in direct relationship, not seen in other Femdoms I’ve read out there. I have also seen it is something that gets a lot of attention from submissives, perhaps for that pursuit of pure femininity.

(Now is when I say: Wow!). I’m flattered (I omit the fact that you love me a lot, so it will be even more shocking :D).

There are very feminine Ladies and others are not, but are also very popular among submissives. I think we all have “something” that distinguishes us from each other and all have our secrets.

I feel very feminine and enjoy my femininity. For me FemDom is glamor, seduction, intensity but it is all over, including those moments of humiliation in which I can use the most ordinary vocabulary or resolving a dispute with an emphatic phrase.

Femininity and elegance are not synonymous with docility and resignation, which is what for centuries has been imposed on us women. There is still some way to go, but today a woman can develop her personality and her instincts while still being feminine, strong and with that security of knowing and feeling sexy even if not a top model.

Imagine a pub full of men. Two women enter, one beautiful but insecure and other not so pretty but proud, knowing to take advantage of her physical, cracking her heels, looking around and shaking her mane that leaves a trail of pleasant scent in her wake. They sit together, the beautyful one looks down and wait for the waiter and the other one takes advantage of the pause to touch up her lipstick brazenly (knowing she is observed). Suppose you can still smoke in public places and both hold an unlit cigarette between their fingers and no fire. What cigarette do you think any man will light first even unasked? 馃槈

It is only a hypothetical and rushed example, but I think it captures what I mean. Attitude, glamor, security, femininity, elegance in a word: FemDom.

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  1. You are quite right. Both femininity and elegance are a product of self confidence and every woman should know what are her best features and proudly show them. This gives her confidence from which the elegance. femininity and attitude will flow. The most beautiful woman is diminished if she lacks self confidence.


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