Financial submission

Why is the moneyslave so much underestimated? That I do it with mine is understandable, is part of the humiliation, but the figure of the moneyslave is frowned on in general.

But it’s frowned upon in public, then I hear about a lot of things. There are many Dommes who publicly reject this type of Domination and they criticize us who openly exercise it, and making their first steps (or try) behind.

I could tell many things, but I will not, each one with each life. But how easy and nice is to be honest (and how much time we all save).

But quote again the moneyslave, submissive with fetish of being financially dominated or submissive who is willing to please the Domme even that way. I do not see where is the scandal.

Someone told me that’s not Domination. Well, everyone is free to have an opinion, of course, but I have no doubt that my slaves are much more devoted to me, with my control and attention to their lives, that if I only call them sluts and forget them until next week.

In addition, there are a number of misconceptions regarding moneyslave. To start, just as I do not accept any in my service, a real moneyslave doesn’t surrender or give money to any Domme. The moneyslave search a place at the foot of the right Domme, not just any Domme, once he finds his place he is the happiest to be there, and neither need to seek to another nor accept harassment of others. The latter are referred in other words, both, subs and Dommes.

And yes, is an irony, but as you know, CruelDama is worth more for her silent than for what she tells 馃槈

But nothing happens, I do accept moneyslaves at my service and I have absolutely no problem saying. So you know, you send them to me, I test, take those I want and leave you the rest, lol.

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  1. A money slave is a money slave by his own volition – he can walk away from the relationship anytime he likes. There is no difference between a slave who gives his Mistress his time in service to one who gives money – both have a value to the Mistress and both are volunteered by the slave. The relationship is symbiotic. Those who frown on it do so from ignorance.


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