Let’s call a spade a spade

A few Dommes felt offended by my post yesterday (not all, of course), and it’s funny, because I did not cite anyone. Why then are taken for alluded? 馃檪

The other role felt very identified with my words. But of course, there’s also much smartass that hosts the first part of the paragraph: To start, just as I do not accept any in my service, a real moneyslave doesn’t surrender or give money to any Domme. The moneyslave search a place at the foot of the right Domme, not just any Domme, once he finds his place he is the happiest to be there, and neither need to seek to another nor accept harassment of others.

The fact is that this paragraph concluded: The latter are referred in other words, both, subs and Dommes.

If not understood, I clarify: There are many presumed moneyslaves they promise, they say, they affirm, and blah blah blah ie, who entertain themselves as much as possible without giving any evidence of honesty to support their words. And earn some time getting dizzy some Dommes for nothing. Some take the bait because they are wanting to get a revenue source easier and with minimal effort.

I‘m sorry to disabuse if you think so, because the fantasy of accept any and sit and watch the bank account growing is beautiful, but although you succeed an income, if you don’t like Domination, it will stay in one income.

The real moneyslave is not so stupid and if you don’t know how to handle him, brazenly scoffs and disappear faster than he appeared.

The fact is that if some were offended by yesterday’s post, I say that must be a reason. Lack of ethics?? Hypocrisy? No matter, I’ll stay with those that not only not offended at all, but they know that things are this way.

Oh, to the question “is that there is no Domination without money?” I also answer them: Yes, of course there are, but if you don’t satisfy my fetishes, for what are you useful for me? A Spanker Domme accept a submissive who does not like the spanking or that is not willing to be whipped? 馃檪

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  1. Very well said. Anyone who took offence clearly does not understand the D/s mindset.


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