Suffering souls

I can understand some weaknesses, but that doesn’t mean I approve or clap them.

There are people who like to go through life showing how much they suffer and do not realize that not only get pity from no one, but what they end up getting is that everyone avoid them.

These beings do nothing to change their situation and are anchored in a repetitive story that ends up by resulting tedious and disgusting.

We all know a few cases of people who come whimpering with their problems as sensationalist victims, if we try to change the subject, they back to the same ignoring our comments.

I am sympathetic towards many things, I can make suggestions if they ask my opinion, but I have very little patience with nonsense.

I listen to mine, help with some bump and steer their lives under my control, as adults they are. My instinct is sadistic, not maternal, even I protect my properties.

There are submissives using that tactic to see if any Dominant pity” them. Do you think, not just me, but any Domme, we want to hear dramas and tragedies?

I don’t know, maybe it works with some, but not me. If you don’t behave as adults, I put you away from me before you finish your first plaintive phrase.

Above says “you’ll suffer for me,” but if what you like is to suffer for yourself, go ahead, do it, but thou cast aside, you take away my vision of the beautiful world I see from here 馃槈

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