Lovely details

I’m stretching myself like a kitten. My flu persists and busy days looming, so today rest, but we all have much to do this next week.

I’m not of gastronomic excesses, but my bitch always prepares something special during these dates and I let her pamper me.

Well, I’m not complaining that my discomfort is made much more bearable opening the gifts you send me. The Italian jeweler of yesterday is gorgeous, as are the boots, corset, bracelet and the gift cards I will change for the 铆tems I want (thanks guys!). This week other boots will arrive and some more things. How much I enjoy my whims! Some you know how to make me smile 馃榾

The other day someone said I give the impression of being a frivolous and capricious woman. I don’t consider myself superficial, my convictions are strong. But I can not deny I am whimsical, I feel great allowing subs make me gifts of all kinds, they spoil me and crave to please me 馃槈

Of course, who made that statement is a sullen, ugly, grumpy, envious person (making wax!), ie, someone who has no place in my life and stays out chewing rage.

Anyway, outside of Spain is Santa Claus, but here there will still be the Magi on January 6th, so we’ll see how they behave those from the East.

You know what? I love being me, lol.

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