Dodging silliness

It’s amazing, lol. After my post yesterday, there was some talking about me as if I were guilty of world hunger, unemployment, rise in electricity rates and do not know what else.

For my part, I will continue with my life, I‘m much more interested. Without going any further, I look at my nails and I am horrified that the glaze is cracking, so I gave a shout out to my bitch and brought me the nail polish remover and nail polish to fix the mess. But of course, she is now standing there and I try to write the post, so I get nervous and ask another coffee to remove her from my sight.

While makes coffee, I remember I have to wash my hair. And that’s another odyssey. A few days ago, one of my pooches sent me an electric rotating brush, the kind that also dry. I’ll prove the results because I don’t know if I will have time to go to the hairdresser.

Did you see with how little and how quickly nonsenses are ignored? Go ahead and practice it, you will be happier than if you give importance to those who do not deserve it.

And now I start, I have to leave a few details solved and controlled. Not everything is to be beautiful, there are important things that require my attention. But I’ll not tell you about it 馃槢

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