Merry Christmas Eve to all

Yes, you read that right: to all. To the wonderful Dominant Females from around the globe, to the great submissives and slaves that please us, to the people who are happy and know how to enjoy their lives, to those who would like to be happy and able to enjoy their own, to my Femdoms sisters, to purely vanilla, to older and wiser, to young people with millions of illusions, to those who are suffering at this time of their lives, to those who overflowing joy whatever the reason, to those who admire me, those who hate me, to those who serve me and those who wish to do so, to the torturers and to the tortured, to the virtual world and the real world to all… Merry Christmas Eve!

I know, I didn’t put a Christmas photo, but I don’t practice any religion, although I respect those who do. Nor I think I need to be a believer to wish everyone a happy holiday, so I do it my way, with a fetish but everyday image and that already most of you know, with my eternal cigarette between my fingers and thinking about a thousand things past, present and future, with my illusions intact despite the bad times and the difficulties that have passed and those that are to come. Eager to continue to enjoy my life, with my faithful bitch, with the slaves I own and those who will come to be mine, with people I appreciate and those who appreciate me, with all those projects that keep my mind active and eager to keep learning and advancing in my way… with all that… thank you for being there and my best wishes, and not only these days, but also in all days that will come 馃槈


  1. Merry Christmas!


    • Merry Fetish Christmas for you too, lovely devina! XX

  2. Dear Cruel Dama,

    Who could hate you?????? Fear YES, hate never!!!!!!

    slave braxton


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