Fetish Merry Christmas

Took a while thinking about uploading a suggestive photo as an entry, but those pretty special pictures at my disposal will stay in my privacy, not plan to show you all :D

Today is a day of family meals for some, home and relax for others and a normal day, like any other, for many of us. Fear not, I will not speak about world peace or the love of neighbor, we are bombarded enough with these utopias on these dates.

It is also time for good wishes and in few days it will start those resolutions for the new year. And all is well, I also quit smoking every time I stub out the cigarette 😉

Human being is as it is and that will not change. And I will not change, especially because I wish not to. My good resolutions are usually these: to remain as I am and continue doing what I want to do.

Anyway you may be and ye not as, Fetish Merry Christmas.

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