Parties and control

There are still holidays and celebrations. I‘m having great times these days, without gastronomic and alcoholic excesses, I like to have everything under my control at all times and don’t need additives to fully enjoy.

We are in a period in which rivers of alcohol flow (and other things), but an occasional glass of Moet & Chandon is enough for me, which is the only alcoholic beverage I like. Well, actually no, I can also take any shot of tequila in those rare nights of night raids.

I like to be aware of everything I do. Always. Having memory gaps and not remember what was done under the influence of any substance is not for me. I don’t need anything to uninhibit myself, because I don’t repress my instincts and I’m not exactly shy.

Nor I bear someone drunk and, of course, I do not tolerate alcohol or drugs if I want to have a session. I think they are not compatible. If I want someone to feel me with the whole intensity, he will not do it with a dull head and scattered attention.

That’s my opinion and my requirements so, if you can not dispense with those things, you will not hit it off with me. You know, I love to control everything. And what about you? Do you like being controlled? 馃檪

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  1. Dear Cruel Dama,

    I only like being controlled when it is by Cruel Dama.

    slave braxton


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