Again and again, and again…

Although I keep stressing over and over again, some practice selective reading, that is, read only the parts they want to read and the others are passed through the lining.

In the case of those who enter only to read, without more, that’s fine, but many keep writing me with a lot of stupid excuses. Let’s see, there are two phone numbers in my website you can call (when you see them online) and tell me anything: inquiries, fantasies, fears or anything, they are for that.

Yes, I’m real Domme (although I also have some online mongrel), I love to be served and I’m sadistic. But I am also Financial Domme and if you want to tell me sodomy, humiliation or colorful birds drive you crazy, stay tuned for when those phones connections show green, you call me and tell me.

So many tell me that you are a novice and you would want to try this world. It’s great you persecute your desires, I’m the first one that encourages you to develop them ’cause, if you have inside, you will be happy being what you wish to be. But I have a number of fetishes to consider even before contact me. And if my fetishes do not match with yours either you are not willing to serve me in every way I want, then it is normal not to contact me.

This is like the smartass that sent me pictures of boots because he said he had read I accept tribute. Anyway, what can be added to such a show of stupidity? Not to mention all those promises of all the dreamers who believe they will awake my greed with pledges.

I am a Financial Domme, not the foolish you can get dizzy with nonsense. I choose who serves me and who does not. And I hope this is the last post of this style for this year, there are already a few so. Remember, if I will not be your priority, then I am not an option.

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  1. Dear Cruel Dama,
    You are my one and only priority and my one and only option.

    slave braxton


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