So much to do

I have many plans, projects and dreams for next year. I want to do so many things ! There will be news in a few months and I’ll see if I tell you (and how far) 馃檪

Although I have not yet gotten over my cold, I feel full of energy and can not wait to take the reins not only of those lives that are in my hands, that these are controlled, but of all innovations presented.

Oh, but fear not, my doors are never closed to the possibility of taking new moneyslaves to be pampered and have fun 馃榾

My summary of 2013? A fun year in which I felt very loved by some and much envied by others. But everything is positive, because besides that I am very fortunate in many things, what malicious reviews get is to motivate me even more. I am very independent, but it is evident the heat of those who appreciate me counteracts any bad feeling of so many I dodged.

During this time many of you have discovered that CruelDama is not a deranged, but a woman with paraphilias, aware of them and proud of them; bossy and capricious, but a good friend of her friends, discrete, constant and sincere.

Come on, okay, I stop to butter me up, I also have many flaws, but these I keep for myself 馃槈

Do I‘ll quit next year? (I was asked last night). I don’t think so. I don’t even consider this. I’m not one of those who fool themselves.

From my perspective, this has been a fun year, no doubt, I appreciate the company of all those who trod it with me and, above all, those who suffered for me, but in a few days a new year will start and I’m sure that 2014 will be even better.

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