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It’s funny the rogue of some who resort trying to get what they want with an accusatory tirade. Sometimes I even smile.

I understand that there are many falsity online and not everyone is who they claim to be, in that we can all agree. But when a submissive requires me a cam verification when I never talked to him, I have no idea who he is, it was not me who has gone to look for him, he does not intend to start any kind of relationship with me and his profile has been created a couple of hours ago is the last straw.

I am cam verified in many FemDom networks, I am verified in person at each of the events I attend, photos of my blogs, websites and profiles are mine, if I reply to a message from or from any of my profiles (they are in the left column), that answer can only be mine, for nobody but me use those accounts. Do you also want my ID? hahaha.

What have occurred you with other Dominants is none of my concern, I’m not another Dominant and if you don’t like my way of doing things, why do you come to me?

And it’s a matter of stubbornness. If they come with demands, nothing will get.

All Dommes have altercations of this style, but not all are like that. There are many submissive with whom is very nice to chat and who understand the meaning of the word respect. In fact, most of the submissive I know on the internet and I keep a more or less daily contact, are great. Let it be clear, ’cause it appears lately I only scold, lol.

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