Year End and New Year

It’s New Year, but as just a couple of days ago I dedicated a post to summarize 2013, today I omit it.

I like to celebrate tonight at home, the atmosphere usually found in the streets in a night like this one is not my favorite. Too decontrol, many drunk people and artificial euphoria I dislike.

As a teenager I liked the novelty of being able to go out at night and do a little fool around, but those days are over.

Today I prefer the privacy of my home, watching my chained bitch serving dinner and a spreader bar between her ankles, balancing on her heels and trying to keep the smile as I chat with friends and slaves and pinch her ass to increase her problems 馃榾

Nor am to take the grapes, I don’t like grapes, but I join the party taking twelve sips of champagne while I make the others laugh and see how they lose the rhythm of the bells.

Honestly, I find it much more attractive my routine than to go out on a night like this. Although that is my choice. Both, those who celebrate it with family or friends and those who prefer to celebrate outside, I wish you a great evening and, of course, a Happy New Year!

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