I feel so… Cruel

These days I’ve seen a lot of creativity on the social networks. Precious photos of Christmas performances with needles to skin, pretty sissies posing wrapped in Christmas lights and even a genital torture as a tree with baubles, tinsel and lights (only was missing an urethral dipstick that held the star of the cup).

Have been a very hectic and fast days. And so my year has started with a lot of energy, with a few kinks and looking forward to many more.

2014 just started and, although many do not understand the pleasure of this practice, I want a new consensual blackmail, for example, almost two months since I have no a little worm up against the ropes oozing adrenaline 馃榾

I rejected some proposals in that sense these past months, but now is the perfect time to make you sweat and push pins to some lucky man having the courage to submit to me in that way.

And it’s not a soft way precisely because he puts his life in my hands, that is, absolute control. And I love that. The sensations are potentiated in a sublime way. But for this he must have lots of courage, not everybody is good to, and I don’t accept the first one that appears.

You know, all who have told me about it lately, send your proposals again and I’ll see if anyone deserves the privilege of enjoying my cruelty 馃槈

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  1. I wish I could experience the sublime pleasure of your complete control. The adrenaline seeping from every pore as you torment and torture my willing body


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