A number to ignore you

No, it is not a sentence of The Lord of the Rings“. I’ve decided to dedicate one of my phones to ignore line so, from now, my number in VerifiedCall will only be for that function.

What is an ignore line? A number to call me because you are a compulsive gossip, in which you can hear me in real time and spy on my conversations (if any) or whatever I am doing at that moment.

You will no longer speak with me there, the other number is for this, because I answer your questions or queries in MyPhoneSite. In the ignore line you’ll be completely ignored 馃榾

What will I be doing if you call me? Talking to a slave, taking a shower, smoking a cigarette, walking down the middle, watching a movie or perhaps something more private as having a sesi贸n?

There are many who have this fetish, to suffer because I ignore them as I continue with my life, so now, to all of you who like this deal, you can get hanging in the other side of the phone while I let you listen.

And fear not, I assure the most cowards that VerifiedCall guarantees absolute anonymity. I will not see your phone number.

I love you to keep an eye on me (or an ear) while I ignore your existence. It is a practice that, although not well known, it can be very exciting. Am I becoming an exhibitionist? No, I just love to be worshiped 馃槈

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