It seems that yesterday was a blast, lol. My haters are right about something, it is true that I am a shameless: I do what I want and have the nerve to enjoy it and tell it openly.

I understand that for some a ignore line is something beyond their comprehension, like blackmail, or many other things that others of us love. But that’s life, a range of options to choose our favorite.

I have been asked in amazement if someone really calls me to a phone line in which I don’t even answer. As incredible as it may seem to some of you, the answer is yes. Of course they call me. And some repeat because they had not enough with the minutes they arranged in advance.

The caller has very different feelings, a mixture of attraction/fear very encouraging, with the incentive of the possibility to hear my voice or sounds around me, although I ignore him. Or just because I ignore him.

A few are seduced by morbid curiosity of what they could capture during the call, others the pure pleasure of being ignored.

Part of an email which I received last night:

“It was an honor to be your ignored pig a few minutes. I was lucky to hear you talking to someone I guess one of your slaves. You have a lovely and authoritative voice but sweet too and a very contagious laugh. Thanks for putting the media for those who are far and we can not serve you as you deserve

What can I add? Although I also ignore him by mail, the pleasure is also mine 馃槈

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