What are you?

I’m close and accessible, I‘m not fool or hypocritical and, if you have shown me you are rotten inside, you will not get my nice words. Nor ugly. Simply do not exist, because rotten things smell bad and I turn them away from my life.

Every day that passes I have less patience with the nonsense. How nice it is to have a life and take care of it! 馃檪

Everyone chooses which way to go, obviously. You’ve been making decisions throughout your life that made you what you are, who you are.

If you are good or bad person is by your own choice. If you are a negative, apathetic or spiteful person, it’s because that’s exactly what you want to be, because you feel more comfortable with it than trying to evolve and improve.

I‘m not perfect, but I feel good about myself and I like the way I am. It is essential to be comfortable in own skin before leading others or take control of other lives.

The small daily decisions are simple, we solve automatically, but the significant require structured processes. And I am speaking of making unscheduled decisions, those for which there is no repetitive pattern, requiring the evaluation of options and even feedback. In reality the process is more complex, but I don’t need to elaborate any further explaining why you are the way you are.

Each with our decisions, mine are clear. Life is too beautiful to miss all the good that offers me 馃檪

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