And more gifts!

Today I look like a kid with new toys. And is that really so, except for that of “kid” 馃槈

The Magi have been coming along last week with gifts and am delighted with all of them, although some are still to come. I hope they do throughout the week, because there are things I’m looking forward to get my hands on. And yet I have to redeem gift vouchers. I love freebies 馃榾

Santa was generous, but the Magi have not been left behind. And now, with a big smile of complacency, I will be a little wicked and I will say thank you all for giving me what I deserve, many gifts, many joys and lots of fun.

This week I will be updating things and making some pictures, I always forget that part and I know you like to see new images. But keep calm, I have a lot to do enjoying my gifts, my pooches and many novelties in perspective.

Did I mention I accept more gifts? lol.

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  1. Dear Cruel Dama,

    The gift of your attention, is priceless.

    slave braxton


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