I read over there exposures about the dangers of falling into the hands of a manipulator. Even strong statements about who should avoid BDSM and who should not based on the potential damage that may occur.

Let’s see… I consider myself a great manipulator, but I specify I do NOT accept someone with obvious mental imbalances on my stable.

I enjoy psychological sadism, not just physical, that is, I like to take a slave to mental suffering and that such slave enjoy (and suffer) that state.

As adults in full possession of our mental faculties (and in pathways that WHO uncatalog as mental illnesses the paraphilias” associated with BDSM, although personally I don’t need the approval of any group or organization to know that what I do and enjoy is not abnormal), we are free to choose what we want.

In forums and debates is often ignored the figure of the emotional masochist, that person who enjoys the psychological suffering and that his way is as valid as any other member of the BDSM community.

The submissive is responsible for know to whom he surrenders, so I think so much victimhood is unnecessary. And when he is aware of to whom he surrenders, he wants to do it and the Domme feels a connection with that submissive and accepts such surrender, there may be situations of risk that both have to take even before they appear (even taking a number of basic and logical precautions). You can not live in cotton if what will mean your happiness involves risk.

Manipulation exists at all levels. When a mother threaten her son with “if you don’t pass the course I’ll not gift you such a thingis manipulating, but that does not mean that such manipulation is harmful, quite the opposite.

And what about submissives? These great manipulators who must be constantly controlled 馃檪

I have already dealt with this issue in previous post and I stand by my statement: I love to pull the strings.

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  1. The submissive and slave knows that they are being manipulated and it is what they desire – if they do not like it they can always opt out – a BDSM relationship is always a two-way street and acceptance by both is essential.


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