Money, money

It would be wonderful to say that I do not care money, that for me is secondary, as I read out there, right? But it would also be a lie. Perhaps the day it ceases to be one of my fetishes I do, who knows?

What I find peculiar is to see some ranting against Financial Domination while allowing submissives pay the dinner, accept gifts and even call us prostitutes and then orders remodeling their rooms, tiled and floors included. Payable by submissive, of course, lol. Or those who assent to the judgments of the above and then I find them on MoneyDommes sites 馃檪

Oh, if CruelDama spoke many myths would topple!

I never liked hypocrisy. I prefer to go straight. Moreover, it is a pity that my phone company, my tobacconist or my beautician don’t be moneyslaves. Although who wish to please me can always adopt some of my bills, that we are not going to be prudish now (of course, provided there are no conditions and you may have very clear who rules, otherwise do not bother).

Why beat around the bush and lies? I really do care money, is not “all” I care, certainly, but neither is secondary to me. What did you expected that a MoneyDomme tells you about money? 馃檪

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  1. There is absolutely no difference between doing things for money or doing things for treats such as dinners, drinks, buying clothing and other gifts and any submissive or slave knows exactly what he is doing whether providing his mistress with gifts or with money. Those who criticise have no understanding of the Femdom or D/s paradigm.


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