Agree a blackmail

Don’t know if I did not express clearly or that some are very short of mind. Well, actually I do know 馃檪

To all those who don’t know how to interpret what they read, I clarify them that no, I don’t submit to blackmail all my slaves. If you would read carefully, you would see I say that is a couple of months ago I have no pooches in those terms.

It’s a practice reserved for the few and, like any other, I don’t want to do it with everyone. In fact, none of the slaves I already have inspires me a blackmail, just as I don’t feminized all my properties and I don’t desire more 24/7 servants than the bitch that occupies that place.

Each slave brings me different things from the others, so I like to enjoy a stable and do what I feel like with each. But that doesn’t mean I am a collector at all, I prefer quality to quantity. Always.

To reach a blackmail you must be prepared for it, have the fetish of being completely controlled and knowing that any misstep will mean a risk you will have to evaluate whether to take.

I demand the signing of a contract detailing all my privileges over the slave, the type of penalties that could be applied in the event of default and, of course, an end date of contract in which the slave can renew or terminate the agreement.

As you see, there is complete previous consensus where everything is agreed. Logically, if your preferences don’t please me, there will be no agreement. And vice versa, ’cause his surrender will never be forced, he voluntarily choose to undergo.

I have no problem to speak openly about all of these things though, of course, I keep the most personal and private aspects 馃槈

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