These days are being busy in many ways. Between updating my website with the banners that are coming, send mine, listings in directories, my daily activities and daily blog entries I think I need holidays :D

Not complaining, I love all the little things that make my world. I think I am privileged for many reasons and I am grateful for all of them, although sometimes it does not seem for my character.

And it is not a fairy tale, also impose punishments and lash
out my cruelty where and when I consider it necessary. But, although I rarely really get angry, when I make a decision no turning back (some will take the hint).

I have also updated the website tab Serve Me, I was missing some small details. Anyway I‘m sure I’ll keep tweaking things at times there, I always do. But even though the text is clear and explicit enough for even the slowest (what a diplomatic I am sometimes), I’m sure many will continue trying to beat around the bush.

A great FemDom Lady told me yesterday in a social network that penis can not read, but it happens that sometimes she is also too optimistic. I think it’s a good summary, I feel totally identified 馃槈

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  1. Dear Cruel Dama,

    Yes a holiday(s) in America with slave braxton and goober.


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